I og med at alt skal gå hurtig har også SMS og chatterom forkortelser bredt om seg. Redaksjonen har samlet et knippe forkortelser.



WTGP?          Want to get private?

H&K           Hugs and kisses                

IWALU       I will always love you

DIKU?         No I know you?

HAGN          Have a good night

ILY             I love you

LJBF            Let's just be friends

SYT             Sweet young thing

FOAF            Friend of a friend

A/S/L?          Age/Sex/Location?

KOL              Kiss on lips

LY4E            Love you for ever

SUAKM         Shut up and kiss me

IRL              In real life

SLM             See last mail 

LMAO           Laughing my ass off
CRBT         Crying really big tears

JK            Just kidding

BION        Believe it or not

AAMOF     As a matter of fact

AFAIK      As far as I know

IOW          In other words

IJWTS         I just want to say

OTOH           On the other hand

PTMM          Please tell me more

KISS         Keep it simple stupid

12345      Tell me about school

BRB         Be right back

F2F          Face to face

BTW          By the way

NQA            No question asked

SWIM         See what I mean

NBD        No big deal

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